Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing

We provide reliable and trusted boiler servicing throughout Farnham, Farnborough, Guildford, and any other surrounding areas.

Heat Eco provides boiler servicing to keep your boiler running efficiently and safely. We are a friendly reliable service that offers competitively priced and Gas Safe Registered boiler servicing. Book in with us today on 07506062237 or fill in our contact form for a quote.

The importance of an annual boiler service

An annual boiler service is recommended to keep your boiler running at its best. Regular servicing carries with it many benefits. Below are just some of the many benefits of a boiler service.

- Reduces the risk of carbon monoxide leaks

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly yet inevitable by-product of your heating system. A functioning and well-maintained boiler will expel these chemicals safely. Unfortunately, as boiler parts age and wear, things can go wrong and lead to carbon monoxide leak. A boiler service will involve a full check for any current leaks in your system as well as checking for any potential problems - reducing the risk of any future leaks.

It’s important to also note that a carbon monoxide detector is highly recommended to keep you and your family safe. 

- Keeps you covered by your manufacturer's warranty

If you are currently under warranty, more often than not you’ll only be covered for a boiler breakdown if you have been keeping up with your annual servicing. Do not take it as a given that you will be covered if something goes wrong. Manufacturers understand that not servicing your boiler will dramatically decrease the risk of a boiler breakdown and so often include this in the terms of their warranty. 

- Save money on repair and replacement costs

A fixed and fair boiler service cost is nothing compared to the cost of an emergency repair job. A neglected boiler is more likely to break down or need repair work. Emergency call outs add an additional cost in to the mix. Servicing can catch problems before they get worse and cause further damage to your heating system.  

- Keep monthly costs lower for longer!

Getting the most out of your current boiler is a sure-fire way to save money in the long run. As boiler ages - usually so does the efficiency and monthly cost of your boiler. Servicing can slow down this process and keep your monthly costs down as your boiler ages. As well as this a serviced boiler will last longer and prolong the need to fork out for a new boiler.  

What’s included in your Boiler Service with Heat Eco

All gas safe engineers should follow a set number of checks and actions when you boiler is due for it’s service.  These include:

1. A visual inspection of the flue 

- Inspection and, where necessary, cleaning of the burner, combustion chamber, any injectors and heat exchanger

- Inspection of ignition devices i.e. pilot lights and/ or spark and flame sensing electrodes

- Checking the integrity of all seals and gaskets 

- Ensure that any condensate traps and drains are free from debris

2. Testing the appliance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

- Ensuring that the heat input and/or operating pressure are correct

- Testing the effectiveness of the flue 

- Checking that all ventilation requirements are to current standards 

- Ensuring the correct operation of all safety devices and that the boiler is safe for continuous use

3. A final combustion analysis and measurement against tolerances set by the manufacturer’s instructions

- A test of all disturbed gas connections 

- Carry out functional testing of heating and hot water 

- A visual inspection of any other encountered gas appliances 

- Written notification of any gas safety defects which may affect the safe operation of your appliances 

- An assessment of your current heating controls and best practice advice regarding energy efficiency 

- Heating controls and best practice advice regarding energy efficiency 

- The servicing of a system filter (if there is already one in place). We will however not repair or replace a system filter.

Opt for local heating engineers bases in Farnham for a thorough boiler service

The local and reliable heating engineers at Heat Eco are qualified and experienced as well as Gas Safe Registered. We value our customers' experience with us and take pride in our reputation in our local community. We believe we offer unmatched service in our local area including Farnham, Farnborough and Guildford. 

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