Water Softener Alternative

Water Softener Alternative

Providing a better alternative to traditional water softeners

Heat Eco provides installation of this product throughout Farnham, Farnborough and Guildford

We are now supplying the new type of water softener. The aquabion has all the positives of  a traditional salt filled water softer just without the negatives and no salt to replace.

Limescale doesn’t only affect your bathroom. It has an impact on the efficiency of boilers, showers, hot water tanks, washing machines, irons, and taps.

Water that has been treated by the in-line AQUABION water conditioner is perfectly drinkable and includes all the essential minerals that occur naturally.

Left untreated, limescale increases the cost of daily living through the increased use of energy and the premature failure of appliances and hot water systems.

It is estimated that the UK spends over £1,000,000,000+ in extra in energy just because of limescale!

All domestic customers have a 1 year satisfaction guarantee on their domestic units. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product within 365 days of your purchase for a full refund for materials.

AQUABION offer a 5 year warranty on all units, valid from the date of purchase. For further details on the terms and conditions of there warranty, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Salt dosing water products are designed to soften water. This process has many drawbacks because sodium is released into the treated water. Non dosing treatments also have a long list of unhappy customers.

Our limescale solution has been independently tested and proven to reduce limescale in water systems, saving up to 55% of energy costs.

Payback can be very fast, due to the wide spectrum of savings in household chemicals, water heating and ensuring that your appliances last longer.

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